1. What should I have when visiting the Zatoka aquapark?

    - Get ready as if you are going to the beach :)
    - Waterproof magnetic bracelet functioning on the territory of the aquapark. You can open your cell in the dressing room, and turn on the cameras on the slides, you can print photos later in the photoshop at the entrance to the aquapark. The bracelet provides you with the opportunity to visit the aquapark only once!

  2. In the Zatoka aquapark is it allowed to swim in any swimsuit?

    - - It is better to swim in decent swimsuits :) It is better not to ride the slides wearing pareo.

  3. Can I rent a towel or slippers in the Zatoka aquapark?

    - No, but we have a shop that sells everything you need.

  4. Can I bring food with me?

    - No, it is forbidden to bring water and food into the aquapark.

  5. What is included in the price of admission to the Zatoka aquapark?

    - Chaise lounge with mattress, umbrella, inflatable circles, mattresses, children's inflatable circles. In the VIP sector + pergola (private house curtain): sheet, towel, personal waiter.

  6. Until what age children may attend Zatoka aquapark for free?

    - Children may visit the Zatoka aquapark for free up to 3 years (inclusive). Also, free admission is provided to birthday people on their birthday, if they are 18 or less.

  7. Есть ли возможность получить групповую скидку?

    - Yes. Contact us: +38 (048) 740 70 07. Discounts are given to groups of 20 people or more.

  8. Are there any discounts for a group of children?

    To find out information on this issue, call:
    +38 (048) 740 70 07

  9. Is there any discounts for birthday people?

    - Birthday people get free admission to their birthday (if they turned 18 or less). You must have the original birth certificate of the birthday person.

  10. Where is the Zatoka aquapark situated?

    - Exact address: pgt. Zatoka, Limanskaya station, Vokzalnaya street, 68

  11. Is it allowed to bring your food and water to Zatoka aquapark?

    No, you are not allowed to bring food and water with you. Exception - baby food with the appropriate labeling.

  12. How many adult slides there are in the "Zatoka" aquapark?

    There are 11 adult slides in the "Zatoka" aquapark. 

  13. Is there any birthday discount?

    Yes. Birthday people up to 18 years old inclusive, may show a photocopy of the document at the entrance, and pass for free.

  14. What is the working time of the Zatoka aquapark?

    - The water park is open from 10:00 to 18:00, seven days a week.

  15. Is it possible to take pictures from a ride on a personal USB flash drive?

    Yes, it is possible to do this in the photo shop, which is located to the left of the entrance, if you look at the entrance of the aquapark from the inside.

  16. What phone number can I call the Zatoka aquapark?

    - Phone: .+38 (048) 740 70 07

  17. What is considered a children's ticket?

    - Children's ticket is available for children up to 140cm tall.

  18. Are there any discounts for the disabled?

    - For disabled 1-2 groups, a discount -50% of the total cost of the ticket

  19. It is possiиду to book tickets to Zatoka Aquapark?

    Phone: .+38 (048) 740 70 07

  20. Are there instructors at Zatoka Aquapark?

    Instructor and rescuers are constantly present on all slides throughout the aquapark.

  21. From what age it is allowed to visit the "Zatoka" aquapark?

    - It is allowed to visit the aquapark without adults from 17 years. Up to this age, an accompanying adult is required.

  22. Do I need a medical certificate to visit the Zatoka aquapark?

    Medical certificate is not required to visit the water park.
    The administration reserves the right to ask any client to leave if he will show external signs of health or hygiene problems.

  23. What temperature is maintained in your Zatoka aquapark?

    - Water temperature in the aquapark is + 22 C

  24. Is there a place to eat in the Zatoka aquapark?

    There are:
    Round bar

  25. How to open and close the locker?

    Using a magnetic bracelet that you get at the entrance.

  26. How to ensure the safety of personal stuff in the Zatoka aquapark?

    Put them to the storage room, which is located at the reception.

  27. Is there a hairdryer in Zatoka aquapark or should I take it with me?

    There are hair dryers in the washrooms.

  28. How should I pay for additional services (bar, restaurant)?

    Services are paid by cash or card.

  29. Are photo and video allowed in the Zatoka aquapark?


  30. What should I do if I lost personal stuff in the Zatoka aquapark?

    - Contact the reception desk.

What do people say about us?

a wonderful place where you can forget about everyday worries and plunge into the world of unforgettable

The best rest that can only be in Aquapark Zatoka! The child rode with us absolutely on all slides (11 years). We went almost every day and didn’t have enough time for a week) Guys, leave a bad mood at home, follow all safety instructions and you will be happy. We had a great vacation and will definitely return to you again!

Vladislav Kernechenko

Local Expert 

Sergiy Ovcharenko

The hotel is just gorgeous !! The room is very beautiful and an amazing view of the Aquapark from the terrace! Room cleaning was every day and the room has everything you need. The restaurant serves delicious food and in the morning a varied buffet is served for breakfast. Upon arrival, we thought that we would entertain ourselves, but there is yoga, water aerobics, slides, estuary, nd on the weekends there is an entertainment program and of course plenty of slides) We got a lot of fun! Thank you very much)

Ann Savchenko

In addition to the slides for children and adults there is a lot of entertainment! 2 fields for football and volleyball, a separate exit to the estuary. You can even go fishing!) I did not know all the details and was pleasantly surprised. !

Yuriy Mishenko

One of the best hotels with aquapark in Ukraine. Recently friends and I were rested here and were pleasantly surprised. Slides are cool, in restaurants is a good service, delicious food and especially desserts! The hotel staff is courteous and always ready to help. We had a great time and really enjoyed it)))

Andrew Nelson

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